School and Community Programs



Inspired Living now facilitates all school and community programs previously run by Advantage Coaching Academy. Please visit for more details.


The Inspired Living Program is a long-term, community-based, health and wellbeing program that is driven by a strong motivational and mentoring element. In many communities across Western Australia, Inspired Living Mentors run a series of sessions to teach community members how to make smarter, healthier choices and to achieve their goals. They take a holistic approach to addressing factors such as physical health, social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB), respect and equality, anti-social behaviour and community safety, goal setting, cultural identity and community togetherness.



Mullewa Goals to Life Program

An example of one of our community programs is the Mullewa Goals to Life Program. In 2012 and 2013, ACA ran the Goals to Life Program in the Mullewa community. Anecdotally, the Program improved student behaviour and increased school attendance and participation. Program evaluation sheets, identified improved understanding of goal-setting, healthy eating, and good life choices amongst the student participants. The Mullewa Saints performed exceptionally well in the 2012 season, and won the premiership in 2013. ACA’s time spent with the club was influential in the development of the skills and attitudes of the players, and the overall improvement of team culture at the club and increased participation of community members.



2013 Leonora Inspired Living Program

The 2013 Leonora Inspired Living Program involved Travis Gaspar and other special guest mentors – including West Coast Eagles Captain Darren Glass, local health workers, local police and teachers – taking the students through a tailored program that addressed topics such as leadership, behaviour, goal setting, team work, diet and nutrition, bullying, substance abuse, social and emotional wellbeing and physical fitness.